Journey to 39

Society has a way of making the reality of getting older seem like this devastating occurrence every year that brings us closer to death and takes us further away from our youth and any goals we have yet to accomplish. When you’re a woman, you may get the usual “You’re getting old” or “You better... Continue Reading →


For Marie

Hi Mama, When I was a kid, you would give me letters to mail that were addressed to God. An envelope full of pages of your prayers, your pain, your hopes dropped in a blue box was a normal thing for me to do. Now that you aren't here, I decided to do the same.... Continue Reading →

Dear Men…

There is nothing wrong with you having a conversation with your daughters about sex and male-female relationships. It’s not only the mother’s job to provide guidance and advice about something as important as that. I’m not talking about the standard “You can’t date until you’re 35” or threats of what will happen to them if... Continue Reading →

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