I Got a Few Tips….

So I log onto twitter and I see an article by Cosmopolitan RT'd into my timeline entitled "The Most Dangerous Time of Year". This article lists ways for a young woman on a college campus to avoid being raped.  0.o..   I am sooooo sick of articles telling women how to avoid being raped and... Continue Reading →

On Trayvon…

    The message that was sent last night is that a young Black boy coming home from the store with tea and candy can be watched, followed, stalked, and murdered and he doesn't deserve justice, that his body is expendable. What do we do now?  Where do we go from here? I don’t ask... Continue Reading →

Dear Men…

There is nothing wrong with you having a conversation with your daughters about sex and male-female relationships. It’s not only the mother’s job to provide guidance and advice about something as important as that. I’m not talking about the standard “You can’t date until you’re 35” or threats of what will happen to them if... Continue Reading →

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