#XD30 – Eighteen – Enough

I grew up in the church, so I know all about praying without ceasing and looking to God to solve our worldly problems. Whatever is is, you get Jesus on the mainline and tell him what you want. He might not call when you want him, but he’s always on time.

*taps watch and looks at the year on the calendar*

I don’t knock the faithful and what is that they do, I did it too. I’m the granddaughter of a sanctified preacher, the daughter of a mother who ministered to everyone she met, and the niece of an aunt who has taken over my grandmother’s church. I just wonder when it’s enough. What is the maximum amount of prayer?  How many brothers, fathers, husbands, sisters, wives, mothers, friends are murdered before prayers are enough? How many times do we fall to our knees and look upwards while our blood waters the ground and the country we live in tells us to just get over it, coddles the murderer and moves to the next thing?

I’m just wondering how many blows are enough. Black people have endured through so much for so long with an unfathomable amount of grace, I just wonder how much of that grace is left. What is the next move and how do we get there?

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