#XD30 – Fourteen – Returns

Zania looked at the ring on her finger and wondered why it felt so heavy there. She looked across the table at him and the smile that beamed back at her made the room seem smaller. It came to her, she had been going through the motions of living a life that she didn’t belong in. She loved the idea of him, but the reality felt like unnecessary weight. She thought of all the possible paths she could take in life and none included him. She slipped the ring off of her finger and gently set it on the table.

Her eyes never left his. She saw them transition from joy to confusion to pain as he realized what was happening. Was she supposed to marry him to spare his feelings? No. She wanted more and knew he would never be close to enough. She  reached across the table and grabbed his hands as she tried to figure out where to begin.

“We should talk.”

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