#XD30 – Eight – Anila 

She watched him get dressed as she lay half covered on the bed. She liked watching him do everything, it was like art in motion to her. He turned around and smiled as he buttoned the last button on the crisp white dress shirt that had just been on the floor moments earlier. There was a world outside they had to get back to. Anila took it all in because she figured it would be the last time in a while they would have this. She was going on a book tour, he would be traveling for business so there would probably be no time for each other. 
This was getting harder to hide the more her notoriety increased. Her apartment had become their sanctuary from everything and everyone.
“Are you just going to get dressed, or are you just going to lay there and watch me?” He asked.
“Watch you. Who knows when I’ll get to enjoy the view again. Take it all off and do it again” 
They laughed at what she said, but she really wouldn’t have minded if he actually did it.
He had to go. His flight was in three hours. He would be in London, she would be all over the country for the next couple of months after today.  She felt like they were worlds apart already and they were still in the same room. What was supposed to be casual had turned into more without them realizing it. The lines were blurred, the were becoming more. She didn’t say anything, maybe if she didn’t he would ignore it too. There were rules, they had agreed to them at the beginning of this. 
Maybe the time away would get it out of her system, the longing for him. She didn’t want to feeling like this for anyone…not anymore. 
He sat next to her on the bed and ran his hand down the length of her arm. She closed her eyes and forced down the urge to ask him to stay another day. He rested his head against hers and took a deep breath as if trying to breathe as much of her in as possible. She did the same. They locked eyes before he got up and walked towards the bedroom door. 
“Later?” He asked their usual question as he looked at her again and adjusted his suit jacket.
Alina lay back in bed and tried not to miss him. She saw it out of the corner of her eye, his tie laying on the foot of the bed. She adjusted her body to grab it and wrapped it around her neck. It smelled like him. 
She grabbed her phone from the nightstand. Who was she kidding? Who were they kidding? The line they had drawn had gone from blurred to nonexistent. 
Her phone buzzed as she picked it up. A new message from him showed up on her screen. 
Can it be sooner than later? Let’s figure it out.

She smiled.

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