#XD30 – Four – The Flow 

Phyllis Hyman played on the record player as Morgan lay across her bed and looked at the ceiling. She should be writing, but was too exhausted to do anything but what she was doing at that very moment. 

Meet me on the moon

Soon as you can

In the middle of the sky

You and I 

It was a beautiful song, but sounded extremely sad at the same time. Maybe it was Phyllis’s voice, it sounded like she was pleading for a lover to love her and hoping he would hear it. She remembered that feeling from what seemed like a lifetime ago. She smiled as the song ended and the last song on the album started. What would she listen to next? She turned around and hung her body off the bed to grab the crate of vinyl records next her shoes. 
She should really go out somewhere. Bookstore. Pike Place. Both. She thumbed through the records until she found Brenda Holloway. She replaced Phyllis with her, dropped the needle, found a new position on the bed. Sliding her feet under the white sheet, she found a cool spot and settled in. Who was she kidding? She wasn’t about to go anywhere. For the first time in a long time, she had no job to go to, a considerable amount of money saved up, and a book to write. Life was good for her, she deserved a day to do nothing and just enjoy it. 
She closed her eyes and listened to Brenda’s voice. She liked to get lost in music, it helped her think. She grabbed her notebook and started to jot down sentences, most not having anything to do with the other. That lasted for five minutes before she tossed the notebook aside and pulled the covers further up. Breathe. Relax. Morgan wanted to enjoy one full day before getting started on her book. 
The phone buzzed next to her and she ignored it. Whatever it was could wait. She watched the ceiling fan turn, it was helping to slow her mind a little. Tomorrow the world could have her, today she belonged only to herself. 
She turned a little to get more comfortable, burrowed deeper into her covers, and let the music take her away. 

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