#XD30 – Two – All In Love Isn’t Fair 

“Have you ever been in love so deeply that you can’t seem to crawl your way out of it?” Lina asked Maya as they sat in the café drinking coffee.
Lina looked at her friend as she gave Maya the details of what had been happening with her. She hadn’t told anyone about her relationship issues, no one even knew that she was seeing someone exclusively. Things had been so amazing between her and Shaun and she had wanted to keep it to herself for as long as possible. She’d told Maya everything for as long as they had known each other so she knew that Maya found it odd that she wouldn’t tell her this, she could tell by the look on her face. She also knew that Maya wouldn’t give her a hard time about not telling her either, she was understanding that way. Maya would sit and listen and let her vent, she would probably give her some sound advice too. At this point, she needed someone to help her figure things out after what had happened a couple of weeks back. Finding out that the man you had been seeing for months, that you had fallen in love with wasn’t being faithful had done something to Lina. She wondered if she had she played her cards too soon with him. Had she been too quick to express how she felt even though he had been the first to say “I love you”? She was in a place that she had never been in because she was always the one that broke hearts, never the broken one.
“How did the two of you meet, Lina?” Maya asked.
“Bookstore….that one on second avenue that I like to go to sometimes. We literally bumped into each other and things just progressed from there. I didn’t expect this…I didn’t expect to feel like this about anyone ever, Maya. You know me, I’m not the fall head over hills in love type, at least I didn’t think I was. I feel like I’m drowning here. I hate him and I want him with me at the same time. This is new for me, I can’t sleep and I barely eat. I’m sitting here with you and all I want to do is go back home, get under the covers and play Donny Hathaway songs.”
Maya moved from her side of the table to her friend’s and held her hand. Lina looked deflated. The 5’8”, beautiful ebony who captured every man’s attention the moment she walked in the room with a gorgeous smile and light brown eyes was sitting next to her on the verge of tears. Lina was usually the one giving out relationship advice or being the shoulder that Maya cried on, but now they had switched places and Maya was determined to be there just like Lina had always been for her. Lina bit her lip trying to keep from crying and Maya held her hand tighter.
“It’s okay to cry Lina, Maya said. If that’s what you need to do then just do it. I’m here and I’m not going anywhere. I know that this is hard for you right now. Whatever you need, I got you.”
After hearing that Lina broke down. Two weeks of keeping it together spill out in tears. She could feel the people in the café staring at her, wondering what was wrong but she didn’t care and she couldn’t help herself. She sobbed for what seemed like an eternity until there were no more tears left. When she was done, Maya led her out of the café and to her car to drive her back to her place. She was glad that she had agreed to let Maya pick her up instead of taking her own car, she didn’t think she would have been able to get herself back home. When the drove up to her house, Maya got out with her.
“You don’t have to come in with me, I’m going to be alright.”
“I know you’re going to be alright, Maya replied, because I’m coming inside with you. Right now you need me way more than Marius or some paperwork at the office. Let’s get inside and open a bottle of wine and just talk.”
Lina was happy to have her friend insist on staying with her a little while longer, she didn’t know how alone she had been feeling until she’s told Maya everything. She opened the door to her greystone and walked inside with Maya behind her. She walked in to the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of wine, some glasses and headed back into her living room to her friend who was patiently waiting to be the shoulder she so desperately needed to cry on at the moment. 

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