#XD30 – One – Exits

Erin knew Sean’s heart in the same way she knew her own. They were in sync, now beating and breaking at the same time. They sat in silence waiting for the other to speak, to finally say that it was over between them, but neither had the courage to do it. They had been lost in familiar masquerading as love for far too long, it was making it difficult to say goodbye. Who would they be without each other? The question danced around in both their minds as they sat staring into each other’s eyes looking for a sign that maybe they should try again.

The mover broke them out of their daze as he announced he had the last of her boxes loaded on the truck and was ready when she was. She thanked him and said she would be out in a moment and he left to wait. This was it. Their eyes never left each other as she stood to go. He wanted to say something, but couldn’t seem to find his voice. Nothing Sean said would make a difference now anyway. She had been gone long before she moved out and so had he.

Erin placed her key and engagement ring gently on the table between them and turned to head for the door. He stood up to follow, but for some reason his feet couldn’t move. He could feel the tears falling as she moved closer to the door. He finally found his voice as she turned the knob.

“Erin” he choked.

She turned to face him and he could see that she was crying too, but he couldn’t get to her, his feet still wouldn’t move. She smiled at him as she pulled the door open and walked out. He stared at the last place she stood for what seemed like forever trying to remember everything about her face in that moment. Knowing that it needed to be over didn’t make it less difficult.

He could finally move again. He headed for the door, grabbing his last box. He looked around one last time and smiled. They were both starting over again, both headed for uncharted paths. He wondered if maybe hers would lead back to him someday.

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