When Forgiveness Goes Wrong

Most of us have done it. We’ve forgiven someone who wronged us only to be screwed over again by the same person in an even more despicable way than the first time or the second time. We extend the proverbial olive branch in an attempt to mend broken fences or burned bridges because the good-natured individuals that we are can’t seem to accept that there is someone out there…some relationship that ended on a bad note, so we make an effort to fix the terms in which we parted with that person even when it wasn’t our fault. We send notes or we schedule a meet up over coffee hoping to get back the best of what you had between each other; even if it’s not to reestablish a relationship you want to make things okay for the both of you. Whether it’s romantic or platonic the air needs to be cleared and if we have to be the person who does it then so be it. When it all goes wrong again, we sometimes feel like the fool and even have people around us (the peanut gallery) who like to remind us how stupid we are for giving that person another opening into our lives (people have a lot to say about your situation and very little to say about their own). Just know that there is nothing wrong with the desire to live knowing you made your best effort with the people you encounter on your path through life, know that how you approach the situation is a reflection on you and how they choose to behave is ONLY a reflection on them. Never feel like you were the idiot; the truth is they were the idiot if they couldn’t see your postive gesture as an oppotunity to mend old wounds (even if they caused them) and attempt to learn from your forgiveness and be better people. Don’t spend your time reflecting on what they’ve done. Just be happy with your actions, let that bridge burn and move on to people and situations that enrich your life and appreciate you for who you are. All you can do is forgive and move forward with a clear mind and a clean spirit…the rest is up to them. 

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