The Inhumanity of Man

Troy Davis (October 9, 1968 – September 21, 2011)

I woke up this morning with Troy Davis and his family on my mind. Like many others, last night I was watching the news and reading tweets as the world waited to see whether or not Mr. Davis’s life would be spared once again….many prayed it would. Mr. Troy Davis was convicted in 1989 of the murder of off duty police office Mark MacPhail based only on eyewitness testimony, no physical evidence, no gun. Seven of the nine witness who claimed that Davis was the gunman who had ended MacPhail’s life later recanted their statements and said that another man was actually the killer; that man’s name is Sylvester “Red” Coles…one of the people who claimed that Davis was the killer. For the last 22 years, Troy Davis has maintained his innocence and hoped that one day justice would be prevail….last night that didn’t happen. To the end Mr. Davis proclaimed his innocence and even in his last moments let the family of the slain officer know that he was not the person who killed Mr. MacPhail. The fact is that Troy Davis deserved a new trial, he had a right to prove his innocence in this case and that right was violated by the state of Georgia. No one is saying that Troy Davis was an angel but the responsibility of this crime should only be place on the person who committed the crime and there was too much doubt to say that that person was Troy Davis.

I don’t know what to say except that this country and our legal system has failed once again. There is no way that Troy Davis should have lost his life last night when there was so much doubt in his case. No one should lose their lives, no matter what the reason or crime because the fact is it is not our right as human beings to take another persons life even under the guise of justice. Contrary to what the family of MacPhail believes or hopes, they will find no peace in this; the death of Troy Davis does nothing for the memory of their loved one but sully it because quite possibly the real killer is walking around happy that he didn’t have to pay for his crime. I hope that the family of Troy Davis continues to fight to clear his name because if it was my brother or father nothing would stop me from fighting to clear their name. I hope that those who were complicit in the murder of Troy Davis know that although they may not see it, his blood is on their hands.  The only person who has truly found peace is Troy Davis because although he lost his life due to the injustice our country’s legal system, he left this place still proclaiming his innocence, not allowing anyone to break his resolve in that knowledge.

It’s no wonder that parts of the world see us in such a negative way. Our laws are still as barbaric as the individuals who created them. No matter what the history books tell you, many of our “founder” were terrible human beings and still at this day and age out country continues their traditions of brutality. Troy Davis was lynched last night and I would say that even if he wasn’t black…any death sentence is a lynching. To support the death sentence doesn’t make you tough on crime, it makes you just as bad as the person being sent to their death…if they actually committed the crime. Many of the same people who support capital punishment also claim to be pro-life; How can you be pro-life and pro-death also? The need to see someone die reminds me of how blood thirsty the Romans were, they took pleasure in watching another human being die and it seems that many in our society do also. The lessons that out faiths and religious texts teach us seems to fall on deaf ears and that will be our undoing as human beings. We don’t have the right to do God’s job, he didn’t ask us to do it.  Who are we to decide if someone lives or dies? Why do people think they have a right to be an executioner?  There is no honor in killing another person.

My condolences to the family of Troy Davis and good luck to the family of Officer MacPhail; No one should lose the people they love the way that both of these families did. Just know that the murder of someone for murdering someone else is not justice…it doesn’t bring a loved one back, it doesn’t honor their memory…it only serves to appease the anger of those left behind and most times it doesn’t work out they way they assumed it would. The anger, the loss, the pain is still there because you can’t pacify it with more death.

The inhumanity displayed by one person to another reflects the weakness of their souls.

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