Cheers to Rihanna

Over the years, I’ve become a fan of Rihanna…FAN not Stan; I just wanted to make that clear. We can all acknowledge that she’s not a vocal powerhouse and (she doesn’t have to be), but I think that she can sing (MY OPINION). What I like about her is that she seems so accessible as an artist and person to her fans, which is in contrast to other artists who are extremely guarded (kind of understandable). With a lot of artists, you get the music they put out and nothing more, it makes me a little disinterested in their work sometimes. This isn’t to say that Ms. Fenty isn’t guarded, anyone can see that and she like other artist have a right to be, but you also get a glimpse into the person and not just the persona. I don’t think that I have seen very many in the public eye so private yet so open at the same time; it makes me actually like her more. She seems to have found a balance at her age and at this stage in her career that works for her. She’s perfectly imperfect, she doesn’t hide it, and I think that’s what makes people love her so much.

With that said, enjoy her new video.

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