I need to know something….

about this rapture that’s supposed to happening tomorrow. This has been predicted before and people have gathered in churches and waited for the clock to strike midnight and all of that and it hasn’t happened yet. I’m not really sure how this time is different or why people would be so inclined to believe someone when they say that the rapture is happening on some specific day when the Bible says “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only” (Matthew 24:36). Now, my post isn’t about why people believe that the rapture is upon us but about what people do when they believe that it’s upon us…like sell all their worldly possessions…to other people. Why do people sell their homes and other things to prepare? Is there a toll in heaven? How do they know who’s going to be left behind?! Do they have an advanced copy of the guest list? I would be so insulted if someone tried to sell me their stuff in preparation for the rapture; it’s like they’re saying “You ain’t going so you might as well buy my shit.” My reaction would probably be something like …

“What are YOU trying to say? I’m not going?I’m not worthy? I don’t have an invite into the Club Heaven?”

I just don’t get it. Why would selling everything you have be a priority? You don’t need anything for the rapture and surely the things left behind shouldn’t be a worry. Right? I mean….*sigh*

Maybe I’m missing something 0_o…

2 thoughts on “I need to know something….

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  1. Arrogance alone, if the Rapture doctrine is true, and only a small percentage of Christians believe in a Rapture where the righteous are blessed enough to be saved from whatever will happen on earth during the Tribulation, perhaps they should lack the arrogance to be believe that Jesus would take them in the first place. I know arrogance isn’t very Christ-like in the first place.

    Also stating you know God’s mind and his plan is a supreme act of arrogance and these “Christian leaders” who say they have nailed down a date are being hugely arrogant.

    Any Christian that does follow the Rapture Doctrine should (I hate to quote Tim LaHaye here but) their motto should be “Perhaps today.” Because no one knows the hour of Jesus’ coming. He also said to his disciples “Take heed that no man deceive you” and also “Many will come in my name, do not believe them” (paraphrasing Jesus) So yes “Perhaps today.” Is the only way a Rapture believing Christian can live, live every moment as if Jesus’ arrival was imminent.

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