The Missing Piece: Women In Hip Hop

This morning I went to one of my favorite blogs and her latest post is on the BET special My Mic Sounds Nice: The Truth About Women & Hip Hop. Instead of posting on her site, I felt the urge to post a quick opinion piece here. So….here goes:

I miss the real female MCs like Lauryn, MC Lyte, and Latifah. I just can’t get into Nicki Minaj…there’s no quality to what she’s doing right now in my opinion. She’s a gimmick, someone that people will lose interest in in another year or so unless she changes up what she’s doing now. I have to laugh at people talking about her being something special to hip-hop…no she’s not. As far as everyone wanting to work with her…she’s what’s hot right now…her voice on a record will sale records, so money is a bigger motivation than whether or not she’s a quality rapper. If people love her, then that’s cool but please don’t put her on the same pedestal as the real female MCs that came before her…what she’s doing isn’t even close to what they did on a bad day. No diss to her or her fans, I won’t knock her hustle at all, she’s making money but I’m just not sold on what she’s doing. I grew up on women who came out strong and said something empowering and at the same time maintained their femininity, it was inspiring to me to see that on television and to hear that on the radio. I can still remember the first time I saw Queen Latifah’s “Ladies First” video featuring another favorite of mine Monie Love; I sat glued to the screen from beginning to end because I was fascinated by this young women on the screen talking about the strength of women and demanding respect for their talents….and they got it!! They told stories with their lyrics, they broke down doors, THEY changed the face of hip hop and made it more than just a male dominated genre…and they did it with class. What happened? We went from the RESPECT movement to the Barbie movement….the hell?! It went from talking about not taking the constant disrespect of the male MCs (Roxanne’s Revenge, U.N.I.T.Y.) to how good a chick could give head and having the best p**sy money could buy….SMDH. There is TRULY a void in hip hop right now when it comes to female rappers….until that void is filled, I’m just going to continue to listen to my Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album and blasting “Lyte As a Rock”.

(P.S.) I’m sure that there are those who will disagree with my opinion, but it’s how I feel about the issue. You’re entitled to your own opinion.

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