In The Name of Who? The Religion of Intolerance

This is what Republicans and the Tea Party created…an atmosphere of hate. The guy walks through the crowd, and they turn on him. He’s not even Muslim…shouldn’t have mattered if he was. To disagree with something is one thing…to feel a certain kind of way about what happened on 9/11 is one thing but to hate an entire group of people because of what a select few did is absolute ignorance. If that’s the case….then “christians” are in serious trouble. This isn’t representative of the God everyone screams they love and worship, looks and sounds like someone else is at work here…first letter D last letter L. People talk about their religion and how God is forgiving and loving but they sure don’t represent that in their daily life. How much devastation has been done in the name of God? The transatlantic slave trade, the expulsion of the Jewish people from Spain, the holocaust that was the decimation of the indigenous people of the Western hemisphere, the Salem witch trials, the Crusades,….shall I go on? Just as there are those who interpret the Koran to justify their horrendous actions, there are those who have throughout history taken what is said in the Bible to justify their horrendous actions. Just as people say that Islam is an extremist and hateful religion, the same can be said about Christianity. People find specific parts of the Koran to justify their points but we can do the same with the Bible. I think we are here to learn something about ourselves and about each other, but I think the majority have missed the lesson by light years. People are so stuck in their beliefs they have no room to be open to find out more. Maybe if they were open to learn more about those who are different from them, that live differently than them…this world wouldn’t be in so much turmoil right now. We are imploding on ourselves and we don’t even see it. The atmosphere of hate and intolerance that exists today is so thick you can choke on it these days. 9/11, the election of Barack Obama, the war…these things didn’t create what we see here, it simply put a spotlight on what was in the hearts of people already.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t discount what happened in New York on 9/11, or at the pentagon, or in rural Pennsylvania on that day but I will not hold a whole group of people responsible for the acts of some. This country is supposedly about freedom of religion, of speech…but here some people are willing to incite hatred to a point that violence erupts about something so trivial as a building. There has been a lot of misinformation about the community center/mosque being built. One of the most important things for people to know is that it is not being built on the WTC memorial site, but two blocks away. There has already been mosque four blocks away for years. Muslims have the right to build there if they want to, there should be no debate about that right now. What happened on 9/11…that was hate in the hearts of those who committed the acts of terrorism, it was not representative of Allah or Islam as a whole. If that was representative of the religion as a whole then I should be second guessing my faith in GOD, because people have done some hateful horrendous things with GOD as a reason also. I can only imagine that the GOD people claim to love and worship is looking at us and shaking his head and saying “They still don’t get it”. If there was a mirror that could reflect what people are inside, it would be an ugly sight to see right now…it certainly wouldn’t be a reflection of HIM.

“We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.”–Jonathan Swift

(video from lefthandedart )

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