I used to have conversations with my mom (R.I.P) about understanding things on a higher level than what we see or what people tell us. I think growing up I questioned everything that went on in the church because it just seemed to me that those in the authority positions were not preaching “the word” in a way that made people think, but in a way that allowed for them to control the way that people think. I observed how judgmental people can be and it has always been something that troubled me; it’s something that I can’t understand. People are so quick to look at things nowadays and immediately call it evil (the Illuminati conspiracy theorists come to mind) without really delving deeper into what it is or what it may really mean. People read the bible and take the words literally, not taking the time to meditate on the words or look deeper into where they came from and they tend to take what they think it means and try to force feed the interpretation to other people. There are so many things that people will never understand because they are too afraid to explore it more. I heard a line in a movie once that I thought described the way people are when it comes to the things they don’t understand…”People fear what they don’t understand and they hate what they fear”. I’ve learned over the years through my own spiritual struggles and conversations with my mom that it’s not all written in 66 books and 1,189 chapters. If we took the time to delve deeper into who we are, we would find a lot of the answers that we seek. Remember we were made in his likeness and image…we don’t all look alike so that has to mean something else….right? I have my own quote that I say sometimes:

Stop Being Surface Thinkers…..Dig Deeper

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