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"I want him to do well, have a great career, have a great life and grow up and just take this as something that you had to go through to grow up and learn" --Rihanna

I sat here and watched the BET awards last night, mainly because I wanted to see the Prince tribute and Kanye West performance. I ended up sitting through the whole show and watching Chris Brown’s MJ tribute performance also. Like a lot of other people, my opinion of Chris Brown drastically changed last year after he brutally beat his then girlfriend Rihanna the night before they were both to appear at the Grammy awards.  I have very little tolerance or respect for a man who puts his hands on a woman and vice versa. What bothered me the most about the situation is the reaction of the fans who tried to make excuses for him and even went so far as to state that she probably deserved it or provoked it. The fact of the matter is, he could of killed her that night and that photo of her battered and bloody face could have very easily been a shot of dead young woman. Yes it was that serious people, let’s not minimize what it was or could have been. What also bothered me was Chris Brown’s attitude after the fact, he didn’t seem apologetic; in fact his behavior was very cavalier to say the least. From his horrible Larry King interview, to his even more horrible apology video with the Debarge shirt on, the dude was just extremely insincere to me. He seemed to have the attitude that most abusers have, that “I said I’m sorry so get over it” attitude and that really irritated the shit out of me.

Anyway… forward to the MJ tribute at last night’s BET (or as other’s affectionately call it EBT) awards and we see Mr. Brown giving us the MJ tribute performance that should have been last year. Throughout this whole Chriannagate thing I have always maintained that Chris was talented, he is an amazing dancer, an okay singer and a “getting there” actor, but while his performance abilities might be stellar his attitude hasn’t been (twitter rants have displayed that). I thought the tribute was nice last night (I wasn’t on the edge of my seat or anything though), but then this dude started to cry….0_0.  During his rendition of Man in the Mirror, CB began to weep and the hearts of the masses began to melt for the troubled singer…all except mine. I know that there are those that question if his tears were sincere or staged but personally I don’t care either way. I thought that it was great to see him back on stage, but jukin’ for MJ doesn’t erase his actions last year or his behavior after the fact.

Whew!! This post is long as hell…I don’t talk this much in real life.

Now… this subject of forgiveness that’s being debated on blogs and twitter and I’m sure Facebook also. I personally have nothing to forgive Chris Brown for, he didn’t beat me bloody; Rihanna’s forgiveness is the only thing he should ever be concerned about and God’s forgiveness. I simply have no respect for abusive men who don’t acknowledge what they’ve done. His “I’m sorry for what happened” statements are evasive to me and a typical move of men who hit women; having seen and heard the same myself, that apology doesn’t move me in the least, but my forgiveness is insignificant when it comes to what he did.  Bottom line…if  you like his music then buy his CD (or go to megaupload) if you don’t like his talents, don’t buy his CD and don’t even acknowledge his existence….either you give the guy a chance or you don’t….simple as that.  I say good luck to the young man, best of luck in the future and keep working towards being a better man, a better human being and a better artist…learn from your actions and correct your behavior because that is how you’ll succeed in life and work.

“A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.”
–John C. Maxwell

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