Best Albums of 2009

Although I have purchased and listened to dozens of albums this year, I could only think of four that in my opinion were the best of 2009. Here they are:


The one thing I love about music is that there are artists out there who take risks, who don’t conform to what is expected of them from their fans or the record label execs. After all that she went through this year, Rihanna took a risk and made an album that in my opinion is the best of her young career. It’s introspective, it’s edgy, and yes…it’s a little dark which works for her. For me, the album falls in to the my last of favorite introspective albums which includes Janet Jackson’s “The Velvet Rope” and Lauryn Hills “The Mis-education of Lauryn Hill” (I’m sure many would disagree). There are those who feel that the album was not her best work but I think that’s only because they are used to her previous sound. Rihanna changed her game up and that was the smartest move she could have made.


I don’t know if I need to say anything about this album..we all know it’s great. After being away for several years, Maxwell came back with a marvelous album and a great first single with Pretty Wings. This album is going into my favorite albums of all time list. I am definitely looking forward to the second installment of his Black Summer’s Night series.


Brandy has been an artist that I have listened to and been a fan of since the beginning of her career (her first album was my very first CD). Brandy gave us a really great album this year, but like many others I think she didn’t get the credit she deserved. Human was a great album in its entirety and is still very much a part of my daily playlist. Let’s hope that in 2010 Brandy finally gets the credit that she deserves.


This album is so damn good!! These young women came out of no where and completely gave me what I need musically when it comes to female groups. This album was so different from everything else that was released this year and I loved it. They remind me so much of groups like Klymaxx, the Mary Jane Girls and Vanity 6. I was pleasantly surprised by the content of their album and very disappointed in it’s performance in sales but sometimes even good albums go unnoticed. Electrik Red definitely showed us How To Be A Lady this year.

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